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Cannabis FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis

What strain of plant is right for me?

There are two types of cannabis strains; autos and photoperiod plants. Auto plants are not dependant on light to enter flowering stage. So after a predetermined amount of time they will stop growing and enter flowering. They tend to be smaller plants and seed to harvest is 3-4 months. Photoperiod plants will only go into flowering when daylight drops below a certain amount. These plants tend to be bigger and seed to harvest is 4-9 months. Given the time that it takes for some to reach maturity some strains must be started inside in order to reach full size.


Sativa or Indica?

Sativa give you energy and make you productive. They are great for expanding your creativity. Indicas are great for relaxing and have potential use as a sleep aid. Hybrids are available if you would like to have a mix of the two. 

Feminized or regular seeds?


Cannabis is one of the few types of plants that has male plants and female plants. Female plants develop the bud that is smoked and male plants make pollen to pollinate the female plants, they do not produce anything that can be consumed. Because of this peculiarity feminized seeds have been developed. Regular seeds can produce both male and female plants while feminized seeds will only produce females. Both types offer advantages. Feminized seeds offer the convenience of not having to get rid of the male plants, allowing you to plant accordingly. This is a bigger deal when growing inside and space is an issue. However female plants are the offspring of inbreeding. This creates weaker genetics which is especially apparent in auto-flowering plants. Regular plants are the result of natural breeding and because of this the genetics are more diverse. Plants are stronger, more drought tolerant usually give larger yields for the same size plant. We only sell regular seeds. 

Is it hard to tell a male plant from a female plant?


No. Cannabis plants will reveal their sex at 6 weeks. When they do reveal their sex it is quite obvious. Males have a pollen sac that will drop and open to give rise to a white flower. Females have white hairs.

Female plant, you are looking for the white/brown hair:

Male plant, you are looking for the dangling white sacs:

What size pots should I be using?


That depends on the strain that you are growing. Photoperiod plants get much bigger so some will need an 80 liter pot. With photoperiod plants it is recommend that you buy as many 2 gallon pots ($0.50) as plants that plan on starting and as many 80 liter pots ($19.99) as female plants that you plan on keeping. This is for several reasons. The first is that you will likely be starting these plants inside so they will take up less space in your house and be easier to move outside. The second is that it will be much cheaper since you will only need to buy four 80 liter pots instead of 10. Autos are smaller so they only need a 5 gallon pot ($2.49).


What type of dirt should I be using and how much do I need?


It is recommended to use some kind of composted manure, we sell sheep manure. One bag is good for three 2 gallons.  For a 5 gallon pot 1 30L is enough for. And for an 80 liter pot you will need three. 


What types of fertilizer should I be using, does organic matter?


We recommend using bonemeal, bloodmeal and fertilizer pellets. Bonemeal is high in phosphorous and potassium and is very useful for establishing a good root system. Blood meal is high in nitrogen and is useful for getting the top if the plant to grow and maintaining a healthy green colour. Orange pellets contain many metals that keep the plant healthy and aid in metabolic activities. 

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