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Plastic Pots, Trays for Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vegetables, Tomatoes, Flowers etc.

Also available seeds, organic soil, organic root stimulant, fertilizers,  sheep compost.

Plastic Pots - UV protected - for Plants - Over 10,000 pots available

Plastic pots, used but all in good shape, so why buy new. UV resistant plastic so they hold up very well against the sun.

The gallon size system that the growing industry uses does not match reality, that is a 1 gallon size is not the size of a 1 gallon container, a 1 gallon container is only about 6 inches across.

Prices shown are for minimum numbers as indicated, smaller amount are at a 50% price premium.


Pots are used but all in good shape

Pots - Not all size available at all times. Best to email first to ensure we have stock of the size you need.

Download the Pots Price Chart Below:

Pots Price Chart

Please note that there are minimum quantities shown on the chart depending on pot size. Quantities below the minimum will at a 50% premium. 

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