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Pots & Cannabis
We Now Sell Products to Help Grow Cannabis


Due to changes in the law and driven by strong demand, we now supply products to help customers  grow their own cannabis. We do not sell plants or finished product.



Our customers want to grow their own cannabis, mostly so that they can ensure that it is 100% organic and to save money. Information is readily available on the internet using google search on how to grow cannabis yourself. 


We offer pretty much everything  you need to get started and even have a grow kit package to make it a little easier.  $69.99 and you will have everything you need to get started growing your legal limit of 4 plants. You can also buy the products separately. 


You will have to get an early start indoors, ideally with a southern exposure window and or a grow light system (we do not sell growth light equipment).

Organic  is a main reason customers want to grow their own. We sell only organic seeds which means that they are feminized so out of 10 seeds in package, we guarantee that  at least 4 will be female (males are of no value with respect to THC).

Feminized seats are not organic as the plant must be treated with chemicals to produce only female seeds. We do not do this, ours are 100% natural organic. 


We supply Organic soils like certified organic 3-way, non-certified 3-way, and sheep compost.  Pure sheep compost has shown to give the best results. 


Our root stimulant is 100% organic bone meal as well as our fertilizer which is 100% organic blood meal.


We also supply commercial grade non-organic fertilizer 18-6-12 which has slow water/temperature release Osmicote coating for customers that want the extra growth that can be attained with non-organic additives. However, most customers are happy with results using all organic. 


Varieties are listed below and starter instructions at the very bottom of this page. Google search more details for plant varieties and growing methods etc.

Strains of Cannabis


Flower Characteristics:  Auto Hybrid

Estimated Size: 2 feet

Estimated Yield: 4 oz

Pot size needed: 5 gallon


Killer Kush

Flower Characteristics: Auto Indica Dominant Hybrid

Estimated Size: 3-4 feet

Estimated Yield: 6 oz

Pot size needed: 7 gallon 


Critical Kush

Flower Characteristics:  Photoperiod Indica

Estimated Size: 4.5 feet

Yield: 1 Pound

Pot size needed: 30 L (5.99)



Flower Characteristics: Photoperiod Hybrid

Estimated Size: 5 feet

Estimated Yield: 1.5 pounds

Pot size needed: 2 gallon to start inside and then an 80 liter when the plant is transferred outside


Sugar Haze

Flower Characteristics: Photoperiod Sativa

Estimated Size: 6 feet 

Yield: 2 Pounds

Pot size needed: 2 gallon to start and an 80 liter when plant is transferred outside 

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