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UHaul and Transportation

We do offer delivery service however most customers find it less expensive and more convenient to rent a Uhaul. The rental can be picked up and returned near your home to minimize costs and time usage. 

Get together with friends or neighbours and share the cost or plan to use the Uhaul for other purposes since the cost is the same up to 24 Hours

We can make your reservation for you. Just Call 289-432-1243

Step 1. Confirm availability of the plants and reserve the plants through our email address

Step 2. Once you receive confirmation that the plants are available and you have reserved them with the

Required deposit, then email us with a phone number and preferred time where we can reach you to reserve the rental unit for you. We are an authorized Uhaul Dealer.

We can arrange for you to pick up the unit at our site and we can actually have it in place and ready to load as soon as you arrive, no extra cost for the convenience. We can also arrange for the unit to be picked up and returned to a location near your home or destination of the plants.

Another option, especially for smaller order is to rent off of Rona or Home Depot. They have a good deal on 4 hour rentals which is great on longer distance use in that they have no limits on the KM’s placed on their trucks.  If you arrange with us ahead of time, we can have you loaded and on the road withing 15 minutes of arriving to pick up the plants to keep you within the 4 hour window.  Be sure the truck you rent is large enough to carry the amount you are purchasing and don’t forget to include any bagged products that you plan to purchase such as soil or bagged mulch etc. We are happy to help determine the size of the truck that you need for your order.

Email us at for more information to arrange

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