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Landscapers, Developers, Retailers
Specializing in supplying small to medium size
garden centres


Drop in to set up an account. We have the variety, numbers and arrangements to meet your needs even on short notice.  Save up to 40% off of our already low regular prices with our

pre-season orders, 30% off during season orders.  Ask for details. 

Buying power is everything when it comes to Garden Centers keeping their inventory costs under control. We know this first hand from our experience at growing from a 2 hour a week hobby for the kids to becoming the largest retail seller of trees and shrubs in Niagara in out our first 10 years.

We began to transition away from retail and into wholesale orders for small and medium size Garden Centers about 10 years ago and our plans are to continue in this direction.


We invite all Garden Centers  to see how we can reduce your product costs while also being able to supply your orders in small lots so that you don’t have to risk overbuying or the cost of maintaining excess inventory. We have no minimum on orders and no volume discounts, only buy what you need when you need it.


Our wide selection of plants (over 1,000 varieties) and sufficient inventory (over 7,000 cedars, 10,000 boxwoods, over 1,000 Japanese Maples etc.) ensures variety and stock to fill any order that you may need to fill.  You’ll find we have one of the widest selections in the business. With large orders we can even ship directly to your customer, saving transportation costs and double handling.


Our distribution location is small enough (3 acres) where you can walk around and pick your plants so that you see exactly what you are buying, no surprises. It is also conveniently located right off the QEW so that you can access it quickly.


What we don’t have are:  fancy catalogues, promotions, mega advertising, receptionists, or sales people etc. This keeps our costs down while providing immediate pricing/availability/order placement, via phone, text or email.   We have a direct line for Garden Centers so you have immediate access to information 24/7. Need to know a price or availability, an exact answer is yours within seconds.


If you have a list that you’d like priced out, email it to us now and we can provide you with an estimate. You don’t have to specify quantities. Just indicate size and variety. We don’t maintain availability or price lists in order to keep costs down but you are welcome to use any order form from any grower if that makes it easier. Excel is the preferred format. If you have already placed an order with another grower, you can send us the confirmation and we can give quote our price on those plants so that you can compare.


Our goal is to provide the best price of any local grower without any required minimum order quantity. We realize that no one grower can supply all your needs but we are confident that at the very least we can supplement your existing growers to help you increase profitability by holding a lighter inventory.


Our 5 year warranty only applies to retail customers, i.e. not wholesale, wholesale have a limited 

1 year warranty that gives them the option to replace plants at a cost of 50% of full retail price. 

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