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Plant Selection
Sample of plant selection commonly in stock- Actual varieties will vary from year to year and throughout the season.

Some of the most popular varieties like cedars, boxwoods, yews, Spruces, Japanese Maples etc. have their own complete information packages/audio videos and price lists on the home page. 

Attract Butterflies

Azalea and Rhododendrons

Deciduous Trees

Drought Tolerant

Evergreen - Flat Leaf


Native Plants

Northern Customers - Zone 4 or Less


Salt Conditions

Shrubs and Bushes



Wet Conditions

You will find the widest and largest selection of shrubs, trees and perennials in Niagara. 


Our retail area is over 3 acres and grown on 12 farms that maintain over 1,000 acres. We have the range of sizes, variety and quantity that few retailers in Ontario can match.  For example, on opening day we will have over 800 Japanese Maples on site.


Customers consider us to be their last stop in shopping around for plants. We encourage this approach as it allows the customer to arrive at a short list of plants along with an objective understanding. When you are ready to make the final decision on plants, you will be prepared to confidently compare pricing/quality/sizes. This will take the stress out of these important decisions. The more you shop around, the more obvious the advantages of coming to

"Save on Plants".

The attached list of plants are ones that we commonly have in stock but by no means the only plants we sell. We usually will have several hundred additional varieties in stock. If you don't see what you are looking for just email us and we can respond quickly to let you know if we have it in stock.  

There are cases where a requested plant is not zone hardy or very temperamental regardless of zone. We will always alert you of this risk and where possible will suggest a similar but hardier alternative. If the plant variety is not hardy, we just won't sell them.


Click on a grouping above to see our range of plants usually available throughout the year. While it is our goal to keep all plants in stock at all times, limited supplies will result in some of these plants being out of stock at some points throughout the year. We make every effort to restock sold out items but there will be times that our growers will be completely sold out and those plants will not be available until next year. The Pandemic has strongly increased the demand for plants while reducing our abilities to supply so we expect a shortage for at least the next year. Shop early to avoid disappointment. In 2022, many of our plants were sold out prior to May 1. 


The lists are kept permanent for the year since there are times when previously sold out items become available from another farm. Please feel free to email us to confirm availability of a specific plant on any given day. If we are sold out, we can place your name on a waiting list to be contacted when the plant comes in. 

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