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Danny Bee's 100% Real Honey
We offer organic honey that our bees produce on our own pesticide free farm without being feed sugar.  We have both spring and fall honey which differ in look, taste and aroma.   Each honey has a distinct flavour:   The difference is ultimately due to the varying wildflower species that bloom at different times of the year.  The honey is raw, straight out of the comb, coarsely filtered, healthful honey. No fillers or sweeteners, only real honey.   

100% Pure raw Spring Honey the bees visit black locust trees, dandelions, white clover, fruit trees, and hundreds of different perennials, which produces a honey that is delicate, light and floral tasting.   
Prices are per weight of actual honey, we do not include weight of container.  

Fall Honey - In the fall, the bees visit goldenrod, milkweed, sumac, st.john's wort, cucumbers, squash, peppers. These flowers produces a darker  honey with a more robust flavour and a stronger aroma.   

      .325 kg. Jar - $7.99   
        .65 kg. Jar - $12.99 

        1.3 kg. Jar - $23.99 

honey jars.jpg

Spring Honey shown above,
Fall Honey is much darker

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