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Deciding on Plants
Deciding on Which Plants Best Suit Your Needs


Knowing which plants are best for your specific situation is the most important information you will need. The following are criteria to consider:

Size of area – Take measurement and make a quick sketch to bring along with you.

Shade or Sun - Determine the amount of sun or shade that the area receives and even at
what time of day.


Wet or Dry – Assess area for how wet or dry it tends to be. Dig an appropriate size hole at the location you plan to plant,  fill the hole with water and note how long it takes to drain. Watch our watering info video for more instructions.


Wind Exposure – Is there any wind protection offered by homes or trees etc.


Salt – Will you or the town be adding salt in the area during the winter months?


Once you’ve collected the above info, look at the Plant Stock list on our Home Page.  You will find information on the plants to see how they fit into your situation. You can get even more details and photos by using “Google” in our Photo’s and Information tab.


Know Yourself – How willing are you to care to for the plants? Some enjoy working the garden and watering etc. Others would rather have minimal involvement. You know your level of interest as this can assist in matching you with the right plants.

To find a list of plants that like specific conditions, go to the Plant Selection page.


We are confident that "Save on Plants" will be your last stop when shopping for plants. So much so that we encourage you to visit as many other Garden Centers as possible before coming to us. Make a detailed list of plants that you are interested in along with size and prices. Be sure to know your planting conditions such sun/shade and soil condition i.e. wet area or dry etc. When you have your list finalized, bring it in and see how much you can save. It is that simple.


This will take the stress out of these important decisions. The more you shop around, the more obvious the advantages of making "Save on Plants" your last stop.

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