Mulch "Super Sac" $59.99 - $69.99
Competitors price is $139.99 or more on super sac of decomposed mystery wood skids.
Only $69.99 for Real Cedar at "save on plants"
Or as little as $59.99 when buying 50 or more yards


"Super Sac/Big Big" Equivalent 


We sell only in bagged format but in the case of mulch it can be actually less expensive than loose and it’s always 100% real cedar. See the chart at the bottom for the many benefits of bagged versus loose.


Virtually any small car can carry 1 Cubic Yard (Super Sac Volume) and family vans can carry up to 4 cubic yards so delivery by us is not needed. The bags can are clean and dry allowing them to be easily handled by most people. Dry cedar mulch weighs about 12 pounds per cubic foot, this compares to wet loose mulch that can weigh more than twice that and leach colour.


We Sell Only Real Cedar Mulch

Only $69.99 = 1 “Super Sac” or “Big Bag” = 1 cubic yard


$59.99 when buying 50 or more yards, $59.99 at 20-49 yards and $66.99 at 5-19 yards

All Colours – Natural, Dark Brown, Black or Red


$5.33 per equivalent 2 c.f. small bag - This size is not often available at our location. This is the size that you will likely see in most other businesses. Volume can reduce price to the equivalent of $4.44 per 2 c.f. bag when buying 50 or more yards. Some retailers now sell in sizes as small 1.5 c.f.

bags. In other words, confirm size when getting quotes on mulch pricing. 


$7.88 ( When buying 1 - 5  Cubic Yards) per 3 c.f. bag – 3 c.f. is our usual size which is 50% larger than the common 2 c.f. and twice as large as the newly introduced 1.5 c.f. bags that some retailers are now selling. 

Volume can reduce price to the equivalent of $6.67 per 3 c.f. bag when buying 50 or more yards.

This is equal to $3.33 per bag of 1.5 c.f. size. 

Save Labour


3 cubic foot bags are easy to carry. Shoveling and clean-up is eliminated. Real cedar controls weeds and insects better than any other wood product and without toxic chemicals. We keep our mulch dry and fresh which greatly reduces the weight that has to be lifted by you or your helper. Dry mulch is also much easier and faster to spread. 


Save Material


Left over mulch is easily returned or cleanly stored for later use. Real cedar mulch will ever go moldy, grow fungus, attract bugs like non-cedar mulch.


Real Cedar


Most bulk mulch is made from chewed up old contaminated decomposed factory skids. Skids are made from the cheapest wood available; none are ever made from cedar. All of our mulch is made from the excess trimmings of virgin premium grade cedar lumber. Only cedar resists decomposing and insects while controlling weeds. Professionally coloured - Our mulches are naturally coloured with non-toxic vegtable die, all done inside a dry facility using permanent equipment that ensures consistency.

Most bulk mulches are done on site in the open weather using lesser quality equipment and even toxic oil based dyes.



Non Toxic


Our natural colouring is made from non-toxic vegetable products. Safe for contact with children and pets. Most  mulches are not dyed with natural colouring but rather oil based chemicals.