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Mulch / Triple Mix Delivery

We sell only in bagged format but in the case of mulch it can be actually less expensive than loose and it’s always 100% real cedar.

Virtually any small car can carry 1 Cubic Yard (Super Sac Volume) and family vans can carry up to 4 cubic yards so delivery by us is not needed. The bags can are clean and dry allowing them to be easily handled by most people. Dry cedar mulch weighs about 10 pounds per cubic foot, this compares to wet loose mulch that can weigh more than twice that and leach colour.

If you are having plants delivered we can deliver with no extra delivery fee, bagged products like mulch and 3-way in proportion to the plants purchased. This applies to areas outside of Beamsville/Grimsby. 


Local Beamsville/Grimsby/Vineland customers have the option of up to 5 cubic yards of Mulch or 3 yards Triple Mix or Sheep Compost, on their first paid delivery of the year.  Subsequent deliveries during the same year are only $39.99 each with same volume limits. 

All bagged products are delivered only directly off the truck and directly onto the ground, unlike plants that can be place anywhere on you property accessible with our carts. See the  "Delivery" tab for details on deliveries including delivery fees. 

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