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For all inquiries, please email us at


We respond to emails 3 times daily to ensure prompt response. Should you not hear a response within 24 hours then something is amiss and we ask that you attempt again. It is possible that your email is filtered into our spam files if you are emailing from a commercial email address. If so, it may be better if you can email us from a residential email address. 


Feel free to email a list of desired plants and sizes etc. We value and respond promptly to every email, if you don't hear back within 24 hours, we did not receive the email. 


We find that it is best for the customer to communicate via email versus phone conversations.

With emails every detail can be referred to at a later date and this reduces miscommunications that often occur over the phone, especially when discussing plants, their size and price etc. 


Unlike manufactured products, it can be inaccurate to compare plants based on described size or quality. Two plants with the exact same written description but from different suppliers can differ greatly in value.

Thank you.


Our mailing and location address if needed is:
Save on Plants
4615 North Service Rd.
Beamsville, Ont

L3J1J7                                                                          Click for Map

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