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You deserve the best price everyday!
No Gimmicks or reduced hyper inflated prices.


We have never had a sale and never will. “Sales” are gimmicks and today’s informed consumer can see through the hype. We respect your intelligence and will never inflate prices to be later discounted. No games, no waiting, no dumping of second quality plants at the end of the season, just great prices everyday and guaranteed for the entire season. If during the same year we reduce the price from the same supplier, size, and quality of plant, we will refund you 200% the difference. No other retailer of any type offers such assurance.


Our belief is that you should not have to wait for a sale” on left over stock to get a good price. Our prices are for first quality plants and locked in for the entire year, no exceptions. Conditions of same supplier, size, and quality of plant apply. Our inventory is huge but some varieties will sell out early and may not be available again for the balance of the year. So shop early for best selection.


We keep our costs low by focusing on what you as a customer want from a garden centre. A large selection of quality plants at low prices supported by a knowledgeable staff. You will not find any fancy buildings, uniforms, displays or a bombardment of expensive advertising. In over 20 years of being in business, the single annual flyer is our only real advertising and the only one for the entire year. The best form of advertising continues to be our many satisfied customers. It has been the foundation of our success and we will continue to build on it.  Our many repeat customers are from all over Ontario and we look forward to seeing them again every after year.

We even have a few regulars from Quebec and the Maritimes. 


Unlike manufactured products, it can be inaccurate to compare plants based on described size or quality. Two plants with the exact same written description but from different suppliers can differ greatly.


We encourage you to visit as many garden centers as possible, then come see what we have to offer. We are confident that the choice will be obvious. The more you know, the better we look.


Wholesale option is for purchases of 20 or more of 1 species in the same size. While retail sales comes with the 5 year warranty and the planting material package, the wholesale is the plants alone, i.e. no warranty, no planting material. All plants sold to garden centers or established landscapers is with this format but is available to retail buyers that meet the quantity criteria. 

If you are buying 20 or more you can opt for wholesale, which is 15% off,  however we do not recommend it as the warranty is reduced. With orders over 50-74 then the 30% - 40% off is worth the risk. Some homeowners that are "flipping" a house will take the 15% off option since the long term survival of the plants are not a priority. This is what we sell to Garden Centers, Landscapers Developers etc. Basically you get the plants only and a 50% credit warranty covering the first year.  Wholesale is 15% off retail for quantities of 20 or more, 20% off 30 or more, 25% off 40 or more and 30% off 50 or more, for prepaid orders prior to March 15 of pick up year, wholesale is  35% of for 75 or more and 40% for 100 or more.

Wholesale pricing does not include the 5 year warranty, root stimulant, mulch or fertilizer.  Retail pricing includes the 5 year warranty, root stimulant, mulch or fertilizer.  The % off would be applied to all plants, root stimulant and or Blood Meal only, not bagged products or delivery etc. 

Wholesale deliveries are only available for wholesale orders up 20 plants per variety/size, larger orders are to be picked up by the customer. Wholesale deliveries when offered we be directly off the back of the truck and directly onto the ground. Retail deliveries include placing the plants anywhere on the property up to 150 feet away from the unload location of the truck.

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