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Picking up Plants or Mulch
(All of our mulch is bagged)


Here are some important points if you plan to take the plants with your vehicle.

Enclosed vehicles like a family van are better than open ones like a truck because they offer protection from the wind.

Remove the seats from a family van to make extra room and lay down a tarp. A 12 foot tree can easily fit in an average family van.  Virtually all of our trees are under 12 feet in height. 


If you must use an open truck or trailer, bring a large tarp and ropes to cover the plants if the tree is leafed out at the time. That is, trees can be moved in an open trailer/truck without tarping them 

if the leaves have not come out yet, like in April or after the leaves have "died" like September.

Vans are easier to load and unload than trucks. A family van can easily carry 4 cubic yards of mulch with the seats removed.  Most SUV's can carry 27 bags (3 yards). Our bags are clean, dry and light . 

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