Retail Delivery Prices 2021 Season
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                                            2021 Delivery Information
Plants will be dropped off to any location on your property that you prefer that is reasonably accessible using our 2 wheel carts. 
Bagged products such as mulch or 3-way are delivered only directly off the back of the delivery truck and directly onto the ground.  Please advise in advance of any obstruction in the driveway such as tree branches/wires etc., so that we can use an appropriate sized truck for delivery, otherwise we can only deliver bagged items as close as the vehicle used can be parked. Does not apply to plants. 
Bagged products are limited in proportion to the plants purchased.  That is, if 10 shade trees are purchased, we can deliver up to 20 bags of 3-way and 10 bags of mulch. These limits apply on bagged products only to areas outside of Beamsville/Lower East Grimsby. Local area is limited to a total of 2 yards of  bagged products on first delivery of the season.  Any subsequent free “local” deliveries require a minimum of $100 net in plants.
Please have driveway clear of vehicles as some of our trucks are quite large and backing in off of roadways is safer if there are no cars in the driveway or even on the road in front of the property. 
Payment can be made on delivery in the form of cash or cheque only. We are not able to process any form of debit cards etc. Cheques need to be made out to  Phil Continisio. 
Warranty replacements do not include delivery. Whenever possible we will drop off a warranty replacement for originally delivered plants at no delivery charge when we are in the area. Depending on the time of year this may not be immediate.  Of course warranty replacements can be picked up with your own vehicle at any time. Be sure to email photos of plants before you pull them out. 
email to confirm delivery or make changes.