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We offer the finest quality plans even when lower cost growing options are available.

Over the last 20 years, the quality of plants have suffered greatly due to the pursuit of profits and creating traffic in the Big Box stores. While initially it was only the Big Box stores that were taking the shortcuts to get prices down, it has grown into a common practice even among reputable Garden Centres. In fact, plants like cedars sold at independent Garden Centres may be the exact same ones being sold for 1/3 the price at Big Box stores. Most of these Garden Center will greatly inflate the retail price (giving the customer a false sense of quality) then place them on a big "sale". However they usually do not warranty them since they are on sale. This provides the Garden Center with the profit and no exposure to the likely plant failures that result. Even after they are marked down, their price is still higher than Big Box stores further adding to the confusion of quality. To make it worse some local growers will bring the exact same plants then place their "local" tag on the plants and the Garden Centres/Big Box stores will either buy them unknowingly (or knowingly) as being local when in fact they are not.


If quality and survivability is important, then read on.........


Plants can be grown in BC or even Oregon and then dug with small roots balls and have the dirt shaken off the roots, further damaging the root fibres. These plants are then shipped without dirt surrounding their roots to save on weight, reducing shipping costs. After they arrive in Ontario, they are potted when time permits. While it can be very profitable to sell these plants, it is not in the best interest of the customer. We do not and will not ever grow or sell plants with this technique. It seriously increases the risk of plant failure.  

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